Used BMW Engines – Low Mileage Used Engines

Used BMW Engines, Low Mileage Engines

Keep your BMW on the road longer: Buy a used BMW Engine

Driving a BMW has been likened to “driving a dream.” These cars are some of the best engineered on the planet, with some of the most reliable drive trains in the history of the automotive industry. If your BMW engine fails, we can help get you back on the road. sells reliable low mileage used BMW engines. And unlike a remanufactured BMW engine, our used engines are road tested.

We’re here to help with your used BMW engine replacement

Cost. Quality. Longevity. These are the three things customers tell us they’re most interested in when they call. provides high quality used engines with a long life at a great price. We understand that you’re looking for the best value on a replacement engine for your vehicle. We are confident that in an “apples to apples” comparison with any competitor, our used engines will come out on top. What do we mean, “apples to apples?” There are a lot of competitors claiming they sell low mileage engines, who do, in fact, misrepresent the mileage on their engines. In other words, they lie. “Apples to apples” means that we believe we can beat any competitors engine on mileage when you talk about the actual mileage. Of course, we always back our mileage with a free CARFAX.

The right engine, every time

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a part to arrive, opening it, and finding what you’ve been sent is not correct. We triple check every engine utilizing the most advanced part interchange system in the industry (Hollander) to make sure that you get the correct engine for your application every time. provides:
  • Staff who care about getting you back on the road
  • A company with a 10 year track record of excellence.
  • Savings of 30-60%
  • Delivered prices to your door
  • A solid warranty

There are many companies vying for your business. We understand this, and want to work to earn your business with methods that are based on honesty and integrity.